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Indiana Pacers vs Milwaukee Bucks live match 08.12.2023 Sport TV

Milwaukee Bucks - Home Indiana Pacers - Away. Last matches: Milwaukee Bucks. 02.12.23NBA Milwaukee Bucks Atlanta Hawks132121. W. 30.11.23NBA Chicago Bulls ...

– 7:49 PM Bucks going 3/4th court press then falling back into zone has slowed the Pacers offense down. Bucks on a run and trail by just 7. – 7:47 PM Bucks switch back to zone once again. Pacers having early success shooting, 50% from the field and 8/16 from outside. Giannis knows for the Bucks to win, he’s got to kick it into gear. And he has. – 7:47 PM Haralabos Voulgaris @haralabob Even without Lillard the Bucks D is a mess – 1. Pacers lead 66-60 at the break, but their early 18-point lead is gone. Giannis has 26 points already. – 8:13 PM Pacers got up 18, then were outscored 36-28 in the 2Q as Giannis (26) and Middleton (12) did their thing. Pacers up 66-60 after Haliburton drains a 3 to end the half. They’re +30 beyond the arc. The big Q: Can Giannis keep it up? – 8:13 PM Giannis is staying in attack-mode and has now more FTs (8) than the Pacers (7). After an 18-point Pacers lead, it’s now down to two. Bucks vs Pacers scores & predictions 3 hours ago — Milwaukee Bucks - Indiana Pacers game starts on Dec 7, 2023 at 10:00:00 PM UTC. Follow the game on Sofascore with live scores and statistics. – 8:55 PM Bucks were up, 81-77, when Giannis Antetokounmpo came out with 6:37 left in the third quarter. Three quick shots from Payne and Beasley later and the Pacers have a 84-81 lead with 5:26 left in the third quarter. – 8:48 PM 7-0 run from the Pacers right after Antetokounmpo checks out. Going to be hard to sit him for Milwaukee tonight. – 8:08 PM Khris Middleton has put up nine of his 12 points in the second quarter and the Bucks had briefly cut the Pacers’ lead down to five. Pacers up, 55-48, with 4:48 left in the first half. – 8:01 PM You can see Mathurin overthinking less, playing his game and confidently once again. All within the flow of the offense. – 7:56 PM Man, MarJon Beauchamp is making some hustle plays tonight. Dove on the floor on one of his first possessions before. Just tipped in an offensive rebound. He’s also hit a 3. Bucks are back in this game, but the Pacers still lead, 40-35, with 9:08 left in the first half. Might still say it. Pacers don’t have anybody who can even sorta guard him. Fortunately for them, the Bucks still don’t know what they’re doing on defense. – 9:21 PM Bucks couldn’t secure that defensive rebound and it is a four-point game. Bucks up, 117-113, with 4:12 left. Antetokounmpo has 54 points, 11 rebounds and two assists. – 9:20 PM Mathurin amped after a putback slam. That was his tenth rebound, so he’s got a double-double with 22 points. Stream: Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks Live 7 12 hours ago — 15 hours ago — Where to watch the live telecast of the Milwaukee Bucks vs Indiana Pacers, NBA 2023-24 regular season match in India and the ... Theis got his first points of the season during that run. 84-81 Pacers. – 8:47 PM First-year Bucks head coach Adrian Griffin picks up his first technical of the season. Not one, but two. Automatic ejection. With 7:52 left in the 3Q. – 8:41 PM Adrian Griffin just got tossed fromt he game very quickly. He must have said something. Free throws for Haliburton after that Giannis dunk. – 8:40 PM Adrian Griffin just got TWO technicals arguing for a foul to be called on the Pacers against Giannis Antetokounmpo. He has been ejected from tonight’s game. – 8:40 PM Veteran center Daniel Theis getting his first minutes of the season. – Bucks have taken the lead as Giannis is feasting at the rim – Toppin, Nesmith both have four fouls – Smith is ruled out for the game – 8:39 PM The Bucks have managed to claw their way ahead of the Pacers early in the third quarter. Pacers vs. Bucks score updates, highlights, analysis NBA 23 minutes ago — Stay up to date as the Indiana Pacers and Milwaukee Bucks play in the NBA in-season tournament semifinals in Las Vegas LIVE: Pacers vs. Milwaukee Bucks v Indiana Pacers results, stats | Basketball Milwaukee Bucks - Home Indiana Pacers - Away. Last matches: Milwaukee Bucks. 02.12.23NBA Milwaukee Bucks Atlanta Hawks132121. W. 30.11.23NBA Chicago Bulls ...




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