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Popular Matching Rings For Couples

Wedding rings can be personalized with a appearance by engravings. There are many different types of engravings that tell the story of two lovers. There are a variety of ideas for wedding ring engravings. You must find the one that matches you and your spouse the best. Below you will find an overview of the various engravings.

Fingerprint engraving

A beautiful way to show your love for each other is to immortalize your partner's fingerprints on the wedding ring. Lasers are used to engrave the fine lines of the fingerprint on the ring. It is possible to transfer the fingerprint from paper to the ring by transferring it beforehand. Your wedding rings will be individual with fingerprint engravings.

Heartbeat engraving

The heartbeat of a partner is an exquisite engraving. This requires an already recorded ECG which then serves as a model for the engraving. The engraving gives each ring a stylish distinctive look. You can carry your loved ones around with you at all times.

Overarching symbols

Overarching symbols are engraved designs that create a unified image when the rings are placed together. This symbolises the unity between the two partners in their relationship as they are only complete. The heart is a very popular symbol, with the halves being divided between the rings. If you place the two rings on top of each other directly, a heart can be formed.

Wedding rings are a symbol of love and loyalty

Wedding rings are a part of nearly every marriage. They represent love and loyalty. The majority of couples adhere to the custom of putting rings on their fingers on their big day to pledge their eternal connection to God or the registrar.

What you personally associate with your wedding ring and what symbolism lies behind it should be ideally decided with your partner. We wish you the best luck in your marriage and the future together!

FAQs: Wedding rings as a symbol

Is there a substitute for the wedding ring?

As a symbol of your love and bond You can pick anything that has a deeper significance for you or that you'd like to wear for the duration of your marriage. This is not just jewelry, such as bracelets watches, necklaces, and so on. Some couples choose to have their wedding rings tattooed onto their fingers.

Can you wear different wedding rings?

Yes. Although there is a superstition that claims that mismatched wedding rings are bad luck, ultimately you have to decide for yourself what you like best and what you feel the most comfortable with. If you're content with your wedding rings, identical rings are just as good as mismatched ones.

When is the right time to buy wedding rings?

In general it is recommended to purchase wedding rings sooner rather than later. The ideal wedding rings should be bought no later than four months before the wedding. However, the earlier you start thinking about the ring you'd like to purchase and get advice and advice, the easier it will be for you.

What do you write on your wedding bands?

It's all up to you. Anything is possible, from the name of your spouse's wedding date to a heartfelt quote. In addition, or as an alternative, you may select an engraving and find more information about this in the article above.


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